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The Pikler Triangle

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The Pikler Triangle is a climbing structure that children learn to navigate on at their own pace. The Pikler triangle allows children to explore their body, learn their own boundaries and respond to their climbing needs. 

It is a sturdy indoor climbing structure that encourages little ones to practice gross motor development skills and physical challenges at their own pace. Babies begin by pulling up on the rungs as they learn to stand, and can slowly teach themselves to climb up and over. The idea behind the Pikler is empowering children to safely explore what their body is capable of independently of their parents; encouraging curiosity and self-confidence in their own physical abilities! 

The Pikler Triangle is associated with the Montessori method for learning, but it is based on observations of Dr. Pikler, who believed in respectful child rearing,  free movement and independent learning through play. The Pikler also supports concentration, independence and even grip strength which is needed in school. (Grip strength is an important development for many reasons- holding silverware so they can feed themselves, coloring, and one day- for holding a pencil correctly when they learn to write their first letters).

Letting your child explore on their own terms in your presence is a completely different concept from unsupervised play. The Pikler Triangle goes in a communal area with you near by. Your Pikler should sit on a mat or a soft surface, with nothing hard or sharp edges near by. Aside from that, your job is to just watch, helping them down or reassuring only as needed.  

Age: 6 Months to 6 Years

This Product cannot be Shipped to GCC Countries.