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Precidio Design

Drink in the Box Modern Design - Mint

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Eco-Friendly Reusable Drink and Juice Box Container by Precidio Design

Drink in the Box is an attractive, leak and squirt-proof way to send drinks with kids.

Made from US-made Tritan, it performs better than glass, but it is just as beautiful. It can withstand drops, bumps, and anything your kids can do to it.


* A fun healthy, reusable drink box to replace disposable juice boxes.

* NEW Snap-on/off hinge is easy to replace for cleaning and after falls.

* Made with Durable and safe USA Tritan BPA and Phthalate Free.

* Dishwasher safe, top rack. Looks new even after 1500 cycles!

* New Heart-valve prevents drips when left open on its side.


355 ml /12 oz.