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Drink in the Box - T-Rex Fun Top

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FunTops is a fun way for your child to enjoy healthy drinks you make at home, while reducing the impact of disposable juice boxes on the environment.

Kids will love their new way to carry and enjoy their drinks, while parents will appreciate FunTops fully certified BPA-free and safe design, the simplicity of being dishwasher safe, and an easy way to encourage kids to drink healthy alternatives to disposable juice boxes. 

With FunTops dual-locking design, heart-valve-spout and enhanced seal, they will not leak or spill, even if they tumble off the table.



* A fun healthy, reusable drink box to replace disposable juice boxes.

* NEW Snap-on/off hinge is easy to replace for cleaning and after falls.

* BPA/ BPS and Phthalate Free.

* Good for parents who can control the sugar content by switching to water and pieces of fruit.

* Good for the environment as disposable drink boxes last 5 years in landfill before they biodegrade.

* Good for all those wanting to find ways to be more gentle to the earth, our bodies, and to care about quality in the products we use in our homes.